Imagine every ounce of your stress and tension just melt away. Being greeted with soft low lights, aromatherapy swirling in the air, and ethereal music sounding. You settle into a luxurious bed with soft sheets and warm blankets. Losing all track of time and space and being transported to the most delicious state of pure relaxation while my hands are intentionally massaging and gliding into a rhythmic dance, melting tension, firming and toning your face and neck, and leaving you in total surrender. You awake to glowing, vibrant skin and leave with peace in your soul.

This is my purpose. The great work I am here to accomplish is guiding you on your alchemical transformation from a life driven by stress to one of bliss and mindfulness while achieving the skin of your dreams.

I wanted to offer treatments and professional products that match the level of sophistication of my clients and showcase the experiences that are curated to deliver results.  I’ve left the typical, boring, a la carte spa menu behind to bring you elevated experiences aimed at offering you immediate peace. From the thoughtful touches that go into the environment to the level of connection I bring to you.  Calming your entire nervous system, bringing you closer to balance, and providing the elements for your skin to achieve the most beautiful natural vibrancy.  By optimizing the health of your skin, we leverage results that carry over and assist you in living an elevated life that you’ve always desired.  

I don’t offer facials. I offer connected experiences that bring total calm to your soul while rejuvenating and invigorating your skin. 

-Christine M