Is Dermaplaning at home safe?

You want to improve the texture of your skin, remove dead skin build-up, get rid of the peach fuzz, and improve product absorption.  You spot the at-home Dermaplane razors and think, “I’ve shaved for years, I’ve got this,” but should you?  Will it get you closer to your skincare goals? 

There are vast differences between professional Dermaplaning and at-home Dermaplaning.  Let’s look at a few of them:

  1. The blade- 

    Face razors or at-home tools have flexible blades designed to ONLY cut hair at the skin’s surface. In addition, they have notches to prevent the edge from getting too close to the actual skin.  Pressing the blade harder to remove surface texture will result in uneven texture, nicks, and ruts being cut into the skin.  These make the skin vulnerable to infection and other major skin concerns. 

  1. The technique- 

    The correct angle for shaving is 30-35 degrees.  The method for dermaplaning requires a 45-degree angle and very tightly stretched skin to match the flat edge of the blade. The first 2-3 strokes remove the vellus hair.  The subsequent strokes remove or “plane” the dead skin cell build-up.  Dermaplaning should be done no sooner than four weeks apart.  The goal is to work with the skin’s growth cycle to maintain its health and integrity. 

  2.   The contours- 

    Your skincare professional is trained to examine your facial structure and glide the blade safely over the contours of your face.  They can’t even Dermaplane their face.  No one can hold their skin taught while angling the blade precisely and safely stroke the blade properly.

Your skin is a complex organ, and unintentional damage could leave it vulnerable.  How you treat your skin will directly affect its appearance.  Your Esthetician will be able to analyze your skin to know if this treatment will benefit you.  They can also guide you in how frequently to have this treatment done to maximize your results while keeping you glowing.

This treatment is best left to the pros when you want beautiful, safe results.  If you’re looking to book a dermaplaning treatment, click here to schedule your appointment.