Roccoco Botanicals Crystal Stone Facial

The Roccoco Botanicals Crystal Stone Facial is a luxury treatment that is a complete delight to the senses. We use hand-crafted polished Australian stones, both warmed and cooled, to stimulate the skin while relaxing the mind and body with a detoxifying lymphatic facial massage.

Rare precious Gems and Crystals are infused into various products used during the facial. We achieve balance, healing, and grounding with this incredible and exclusive anti-aging firming treatment.  After just one treatment, you can expect more hydrated skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles and more firm and lifted skin that glows brilliantly!

Treatment Time: 1 Hr 30 Min

About Roccoco Botanicals: At Roccoco, we believe in supporting and repairing the skin barrier. Many brands treat the skin through chemical peels and lasers, which creates trauma and the growth of unhealthy collagen. It was out of the desire and belief that there must be a better way to treat acne and sensitive skins that Roccoco was birthed. Not everything natural is beneficial for the skin.  There are many natural ingredients and oils that are barrier disruptive and hinder the skin’s healing process. Many of our products contain 85% or more botanical ingredients, with some being 100% natural.  We ensure the ingredients we source have the utmost respect for our skin barrier and deliver unparalleled results. We achieve real results without the side effects and irritation. Roccoco is proud to be cruelty free and does not test on animals.