TIZO 3 Facial Primer and Sunscreen

TIZO3 is a sheer, tinted mineral facial sunscreen that offers cosmetically elegant sun protection with a matte finish. Great for oily skin or those that want a no-makeup makeup look.  TIZO3 layers invisibly under makeup to replace foundation primer.  It is also fabulous for darker skin tones that find the lighter sunscreen tints to be too light.

Physical broad-spectrum protection; great for post-procedure use
Gentle enough on ALL skin, even the most sensitive skin
Photostable, will not degrade in sunlight
FREE of chemical sunscreen filters, dyes, fragrances, oils, and preservatives
Reef Friendly
Net Wt. 1.75 oz/50

SPF Pro Tips:  90% of aging comes from sun damage.  Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours and focus on the face, neck, décolletage, and hands for maximum protection.  Use approximately the length of two fingers worth of product for your face and four fingers worth for neck and décolletage.  Sunscreen should always be worn daily regardless if you have the tendency to burn or not.  It should also be worn regardless of your skin tone and under all weather conditions.  Rain or shine!


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