The Best Basic Skincare Routine Steps

Thanks to social media and search engines, we’re loaded with more information at our fingertips than ever before. Consumers are bombarded with ingredients, brands, and product types. When we choose products for our skincare routine, we’re often left with analysis paralysis. Let’s break down the best basic skincare routine steps so you can start seeing beautiful results quickly and with minimal effort.

I want you to focus on this phrase to help remember not only the order but which product types to choose. Cleanse, Moisturize, and Protect.


This should be the first step in your routine. Wash your face morning and night. Washing in the morning cleanses the skin of sweat, oil, and dead skin cells that have built up while sleeping. Washing at night cleanses the skin of sweat, excess oils, environmental debris, makeup, and sunscreen accumulated during the day. You want to use a skin-appropriate cleanser, so a proper skin analysis by a professional is crucial. You won’t want to use a harsh foaming cleanser if you have sensitive, aging skin. Always use room temperature to warm water, and never use hot water; it’s disruptive and irritating to the skin. We suggest skipping cleansing devices like skin scrubbers or loofas as they disrupt the skin’s natural barrier. The cleanse is the foundation of your routine so having a high-quality cleanser is vital.


After cleansing the skin you’ll want to apply a moisturizer or creme. This helps protect the skin’s natural barrier and ultimately helps it function at its best so it can do its job protecting everything that lies under it. You’ll want to stay away from any products that contain fragrance or perfumes (the same goes for anything that is applied to the skin). Every single type of skin needs to be moisturized, and it is a common myth that acne-prone skin gets worse when moisturized. The ingredients in the product will determine what will work best for your unique skin and you may have to try a few before you find one that feels best for you.


Last, but certainly, not least is the protection step. This includes the use of a facial sunscreen or SPF. UVA and UVB rays from sun exposure cause damage to the DNA in our cells, destroy collagen and elastin in our skin and age us at a much more rapid rate. Protecting the skin with a high-quality broad-spectrum SPF is the most crucial step in seeing and maintaining results with a skincare routine. We take it a step further and suggest the use of mineral or physical sunscreens and actively avoid the use of chemical sunscreens. All the sunscreens sold on our site are reef safe and do not contain harmful ingredients.

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